Hi I'am Charley, the Artist

I'm an artist specialising in character design. This is why I have so much fun drawing your pet caricatures and making them into cartoon characters here on Fetch Sketch.

My name is Charley, I am a full time artist working on a variety of different projects from writing to imagery, but I specialise in animation. I work with studios creating concept art for characters in game apps or animated cartoon series and even feature films! I am also developing my skills as a motion designer and create animated videos for promos, explainers and more. I just love to draw!

As well as being passionate about art and animation I also love animals. I have grown up around a menagerie of different pets I was obsessed with cats many many years later not much as changed.

When I sit down to draw, 99% of the time its to draw a cat or a dog.



I was always doodling my family and friend’s pets and making silly cartoons. Pretty soon other people started asking me to draw their pet’s caricature too.

This is what inspired me to create FetchSketch.co.uk so I could draw cartoons for everyone.

I look forward to helping you Fetch a Sketch too…


So let’s have some fun!